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Organization and Management

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides visions, long-term strategic planning, polices & guidelines, and directions for APIPA. It consists of representatives from funding agencies, AT&T (from 1996 Lucent Technology as representative of donator; from 2001 onwards Agere Systems Inc. became a donator), ITRI, III , Lee & Li Attorneys-at-Law, and industries concerned with intellectual property rights. The chairman is elected by the Board of Directors and will be the spokesman for the foundation. The current chairman is Dr. Chin-Tay Shih, Academician, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Professor of College of Technology Management & Morris Chang Chair Professor, National Tsing Hua University, and the board members are:

  • Benjamin Wang --- Distinguished researcher, ITRI College, ITRI
  • Peng-Yu Wang --- Vice President and General Counsel, ITRI
  • Sylvia Fang --- Vice President and General Counsel, Legal Organization, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.
  • Thomas Li --- CTO, Delta Electronics, Inc.
  • Lydia Wu --- General Counsel, Acer Incorporated
  • Joseph Lin --- President, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association
  • Paul S. P. Hsu --- Chairman, Paul Hsu & Partners Co., Ltd.
  • Chi-Ming Liang --- Distinguished Visiting Chair, Academia Sinica
  • Ray Chen --- President, YUSO International Intellectual Property Office
  • David Su --- Vice President & General Counsel, MediaTek Inc.
  • Shin-Yi Peng---Professor of Institute of Law for Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University
  • Ren-Dar Yang --- Executive Vice President, III
  • Lien-Sheng Tsai--- Former Director General, Intellectual Property Office, MOEA
  • Ta-Chung Chiang --- Partner & Senior Counselor, Lee & Li Attorneys-at-Law

Managing Director

The managing director is responsible for implementing decisions of the Board and to supervise the operations of APIPA. The current Managing Director is Steven Lai.

Core Team

The Core Team assists the Managing Director in carrying out intellectual property rights plans, promoting information services, and conducting training.

Administration & Financial Office

This office is responsible for the administrative operations, including arranging meetings for the Board of Directors, the Advisory Committee and the Core Team. In addition, it facilitates the programs of the Intellectual Property Thesis Scholarships, and the Award for Professionals for Overseas Training & Study.
This office is responsible for financial, accounting, and expenditure administration.

Planning and Marketing Office

This office promotes activities related to intellectual property rights, including conference, promotions, training programs, exchange visits with China and associating colleges to cultivate IP specialists, etc. Setting up Intellectual Property Information Web provides information related to IP activities, Professional Forum and Q&A. And the office is also devoted to engage in research of IP related policies.

Directions for Future Development

  • To promote intellectual property-related operations in scientific technology as major objective, and legal and management matters as secondary.
  • To complete the Chinese-language intellectual property databases on Internet and strengthen our ability to provide on-line services.
  • To incorporate scholarly research resources and to facilitate professional training programs in patent analyses.
  • To expand the utilization of patent analytic information to help various disciplines to plan their strategy in licensing new technology or in their R&D development.
  • To enhance the interaction of Intellectual Property Rights Information Cross-Strait and the foundation of cooperation mechanism between P.R.China and Taiwan R.O.C.
  • To help create a favorable environment for development of the technological service industry.
  • To continue promoting other activities related to intellectual property rights awareness.


After three years of intensive negotiation, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and AT&T (now Agere System Inc., formerly part of Lucent Technology, and formerly part of AT&T) reached a broad Patent Cross License Agreement in March 1993. Encouraged by this agreement, many companies became AT&T’s licensees. This Agreement enabled them to utilize AT&T’s patents and enjoyed a lower royalty rate.
To bring Taiwan, Republic of China closer to the goal of developing into an Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center, AT&T pledged a portion of the collected royalties to establish a non-profit foundation. The foundation’s objectives are to promote intellectual property management, IP awareness and more important to build an IP related multi-purposes databases to serve the industries in Taiwan and the world through World Wide Web. Through these efforts, the Republic of China hopes to become the hub of intellectual property rights-related information center, thus to improve both economic and trading relationships with other countries through fair and reciprocal trade.
As the co founders of this foundation, ITRI and III also donated fund to the foundation, and Lee& Li Attorneys-at-Law provided legal services as part of their pledge. The Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Association (APIPA) thus was established on June 3,1994, through the joint endeavors of international technological and law professional.


  • To promote the effective management of intellectual property rights and R&D results.
  • To promote the effective management of intellectual property rights and R&D results.
  • To set up the APIPA intellectual property database and provide intellectual property rights-related information services.
  • To set up the APIPA intellectual property database and provide intellectual property rights-related information services.
  • To assist and strengthen fair economic and trade relationships between the Taiwan, R.O.C. and other countries for mutual benefits.

Asia Pacific Intellrctual Property Association

  • Add:3F.,Bldg, 53, 195 Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chutung, Hsinchu, Taiwan 310401, R.O.C
  • Tel:886-3-5919082
  • E-mail:services@apipa.org.tw